Competition promotion standard

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Competition promotion standard in subjects of the Russian Federation was developed by Agency for strategic initiatives to implement the plan of actions stipulated by the Roadmap “Promotion of competition and improvement of antimonopoly policy”.

Competition promotion standard was approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation dd. 05.09.2015 No.1738-р and is one of the indicators in Governor efficiency evaluation.


Main goal of the Competition promotion standard is establishment of systematic and unified approach to activity of executive bodies, local authorities and territorial boards of federal authorities concerning creation of conditions for promotion of competition between economic entities in different sectors of economy.

Another task of the Standard is motivation and development of favorable conditions for support and protection of small and medium business entities, elimination of administrative barriers.


Systematic approach includes improvement of executive bodies activity concerning analysis of markets of goods, works and services, implementation of system for monitoring of priority and socially significant markets.   


To provide the implementation of the Standard the permanent collegial body Commission for promotion of competition in Sevastopol was created by the Order of the Governor of Sevastopol. The Commission considers and approves:

  •  Annual report of competent authority on implementation of the Standard;
  •  list of priority and socially significant markets;
  •  draft of Roadmap for promotion of competition in Sevastopol.


The Competent authority for promotion of competition in Sevastopol is the The economic development Department of the city of Sevastopol.


The high-priority task of the Government of Sevastopol is approval of list of priority and socially significant markets, establishment of targets for each market.

Such markets are defined by monitoring of condition and evaluation of competitive environment in the region.

Moreover, the compulsory list of socially significant markets is stipulated by the Standard:

  • preschool education services;
  •  children recreation and health improvement services;
  •  children additional education services;
  •  medical services;
  •  services of physiological and pedagogic support of children with health limitations;
  • cultural services;
  •  housing and public utility services;
  •  retail trade;
  •  passenger transportation by ground transport;
  •  connection services;
  •  social services for population;


After definition of priority and socially significant markets the Roadmap for promotion of competition on each selected market will be developed. 

Competition promotion Standard stipulate the monitoring of condition and evaluation of competitive environment.

Monitoring is performed in the following directions:

  •  presence of administrative barriers in the region;
  •  satisfaction of consumers by the quality of goods, works and services and condition of price competition;
  •  activity of natural monopoly holders;
  •  activity of business entities with more than 50 % participatory interest of the subject of the Russian Federation.


Another important task in competition promotion process is creation and implementation of mechanisms of public control concerning performance of natural monopoly holders.  

This provision of Standard includes:

  •  creation of multisectoral body for control of natural monopolies;
  •  control of information disclosure by subjects of natural monopolies – placement of investment programs, tariff structure, results of technical and price audit of investment projects on portals of natural monopoly subjects.

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