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More detail Industrial park
Sevastopol Industrial Park is the key project of Sevastopol industrial development and commitment to achieve targets for social and economic development of the city.
More detail The Fedyukhin Heights Military History Park
The Fedyukhin Heights project is aimed at redefining Sevastopol as the "center of historic and patriotic cultural events". The project implementation will allow benefit from the city historical heritage and develop military history tourism, raise patriotism and improve inter-ethnic relations.
More detail The concept of the Russian Exodus Park
The spatial organization of a new recreation area on Cape Khrustalny Involves arrangement of multifunctional leisure and educational park that combines walking sceneries and memorial squares devoted to various themes, which is a logical spatial extension of Primorsky Boulevard of the city center.
More detailSevastopol terroir
The concept of viniculture industry development.
Balaklava Bay development
Development of the Balaklava Bay area as an international center for tourism and yachting.
Integrated development of the Molochnaya Gully territory
Creation of a "new city center" with administrative and office buildings, sports and cultural facilities, a residential micro-district and a park, with a settlement social infrastructure and involving of the Sevastopol business community in the construction.
Integrated development of the 7th km of the Balaklava highway of Sevastopol city territory
Construction of a transport logistics center on the territory of 7th km of Sevastopol city, including a bus terminal, a trolleybus final destination point, a wholesale distribution center, wholesale markets and shopping malls with a total area of 229,000 sq. m.
Great Sevastopol Trail
The project implementation provides for the marking of thirty routes in the mountain forest area of Sevastopol. The main route line has been 114 kilometers long, while auxiliary and radial routes have been about 150 kilometers long. Along its whole length, the navigation signs will be installed and within the easy reach of the objects of the tourist display-information stands.

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