Smart City has become the priority development project of the city of Sevastopol

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Creation of Smart City will become one of the priorities of development of the city of Sevastopol. On Thursday, November 23, the project of development of the communication platform connecting all the significant areas of public life has received approval of the Strategic Development and Priority Projects Board under the direction of Dmitry Ovsyannikov, the Governor of the city of Sevastopol.

Project mission is to improve the quality of Sevastopol citizens’ life with digital enablement of service industries. In addition, this project execution will give the opportunity of improving of infrastructure usage efficiency, enhancing budget revenue growth, and involving citizens into urban management.

According to the project promoter (Pyotr Darichev, the head of the Main IT and Communications Department of the city of Sevastopol), work on the project is conducted on the ground of analytic investigation of already-existing systems that are implemented all over the world.

Despite the fact that Smart City is in course of pre-design study as yet, some of activities are implemented by now. Thus, there are examples of the transport industry’s digital technology usage like installation of cameras of video- and photographic evidence on the municipal roads, introduction of transport and social safety cards, launching the pilot project of Balaclava paid parking organization and others.

According to Pyotr Darichev, innovations will also bear on industries of security, housing and utilities, health care, education, and tourism.

Expected results of unifying integration platform implementation will be lowering of crime rates, decreasing of energy consumption, improvement of accessibility of central and local government education and health-care services, tourist traffic increase, and a lot more.

An approximate project investment cost will amount about 1.2 billion roubles from private investments. According to Darichev’s reports, accurate information will come out following the results of the project’s concept development at the end of the 2017. Budget costs in framework of Smart City implementation are not anticipated, and all the activities and events will be carried out under public-private partnership.


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