Specialized organizations for investors relations

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Functions of consideration of investor applications and investment projects administration in the city of Sevastopol provide by the Department of priority projects for the development of the city of Sevastopol and JSC "Sevastopol Development Corporation".




  • providing a single window mode for investors while interacting with the executive authorities;
  • assistance in the creation of project teams to support and implement specific turn-key investment projects;
  • promotion of the region investment opportunities and projects in Russia and abroad, including through conferences, exhibitions and forums;
  • ensuring interaction with investment and venture funds, banks, foreign state investment agencies, specialized financial organizations, Russian and international development institutions in order to use their potential and opportunities to finance and support investments in the region;
  • representation of the interests of the federal subject of the Russian Federation in the public-private partnership projects;
  • maintenance of information and analytical bases of investment opportunities of Sevastopol, including databases of investment projects and proposals;
  • promotion of the region in the domestic and foreign economic markets: territories marketing, information support, organization and establishment of image events;
  • interaction with authorities, development institutions and other state and public organizations and foundations;
  • following and supporting the implementation of the investment project in accordance with the regulations approved;
  • the investment projects and proposals analysis.


The JSC "Sevastopol Development Corporation" Statute: the Order of the Government of Sevastopol of 13.10.2016 №578-RP "On the establishment of the "Sevastopol Development Corporation" Joint Stock Company", with amendments and additions.

The company Statute contains provisions on the shares issued by the company; on the amount of the company statutory capital; on the shareholders rights and obligations; on the competence of the management and control bodies of the company, the procedure for their adoption of decisions, as well as the other information provided for by the Law on Joint Stock Companies.

Key performance indicators of JSC "Sevastopol Development Corporation" (approved by the Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of AO "SDC" of 30.05.2017 №5)

The document contains a list of activities and their target values, which the Corporation must achieve by the end of 2017.

Key indicators of the Department of Priority Projects for the Development of Sevastopol city performance effectiveness.

The document contains a list of activities and their target values which the Department must achieve before 2020, approved by the Government of Sevastopol Decree of 18.01.2017 №12-PP.

The procedure for the formation, coordination and control over the execution of key performance effectiveness indicators of JSC "Sevastopol Development Corporation" as a specialized organization for working with investors (Order №43-17 of 28.04.2017).

The present procedure determines a unified approach to the formation, coordination and monitoring of the implementation of key performance effectiveness indicators of a specialized organization for working with investors, as well as monitoring of their implementation.




General Manager - Kurkov Dmitrij Borisovich 

Contact telephone number: +7 (978) 208-72-33 

Postal address: 13, General Ostryakov, Sevastopol, the Russian Federation

Actual address: 13, General Ostryakov, Sevastopol, the Russian Federation.




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