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Economy of Sevastopol

The economy of the region consists of the following indicators:

  • free economic zone
  • consumer market, retail trade, restaurant economy;
  • foreign economic activities;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • banking system;
  • other social indicators.


  • The industrial production decreased by 22.5% as compared to the similar period of 2019 (effective as of January- June 2020).
  • As of January-June 2020, enterprises produced 238 units products for a total amount of 96.0 million rubles.
  • In the manufacturing industry, production decreased by 18.8 times.
  • As of 01.07.2020, the number of enterprises in mining and manufacturing industries (excluding food, tobacco and beverages) amounted to 548 units.
  • In order to create a competitive, stable, structurally balanced industry, effectively solving the problem of ensuring the economic development of the city of Sevastopol and increasing the country's defense capability, the regional project "Industrial exports in the federal city of Sevastopol", "Targeted support for increasing labor productivity at enterprises in the city of Sevastopol", state program of the city of Sevastopol "Development of the industry of the city of Sevastopol". In 2020, on the implementation of the objectives of the program provided 33.5 million rubles., Including 21.5 million rubles. - funds from the budget of the city of Sevastopol, 11.97 million rubles. - extrabudgetary funds.
  • As part of the implementation of the main event 7 "Provision of support measures to the subjects of industrial activity of the city of Sevastopol based on the results of work during the period of high alert, emergency, state of emergency and other restrictive regimes and measures" state program provided support measures 5 manufacturers of personal protective equipment (masks, suits, disinfectants) for a total amount of 1150.8 thousand rubles.


  • Production of agriculture at constant prices compared to the corresponding period of 2019 decreased by 0.9%. (as of January-June 2020). The volume of production amounted to 935.3 million rubles.
  • 156 peasant (farmsteads) agricultures and 11 agricultural consumer cooperatives are mobilized in the agro-industrial complex of the city of Sevastopol.
  • Leading 12 agro-industrial enterprises are engaged in the production of wine from grapes; growing of perennial crops, grapes, grain, industrial and other agricultural crops; wholesale trade in beverages; production of bread and flour confectionery, cakes and cakes of short storage, margarine products.
  • For 2020, for the implementation of the state program of the city of Sevastopol "Development of the agricultural, fishery and agro-industrial complexes of Sevastopol" as of 01.07.2020, in terms of supporting agriculture, funds in the amount of 360.0 million rubles are provided (funds from the budget of the city of Sevastopol - 58.0 million rubles, from the federal budget - 302.0 million rubles), including for the implementation of the regional project "Creation of a support system for farmers and the development of rural cooperation (the city of federal significance Sevastopol)" - 6.5 million rubles (funds from the budget of the city of Sevastopol - 65 thousand rubles, the federal budget - 6.4 million rubles).
  • As of 01.07.2020, the total of 173.0 million rubles was brought to the economic entities, including through subsidies from the federal budget - 128.2 million rubles, from the budget of the city of Sevastopol - 44.8 million rubles.


  • Commissioned 1,315 residential buildings, residential premises in non-residential buildings and residential buildings with a total area of 201.4 thousand sq. m, of which 91.3 thousand sq. m - built on land plots intended for gardening; 110.1 thousand sq. m - excluding residential buildings on plots for gardening (6.7% less than in January-June 2019).
  • The community built and commissioned 1305 houses with a total area of 166.8 thousand sq.m. 67 residential buildings with an area of 10.9 thousand sq.m were commissioned in the countryside.

Transport and communications

  • The passenger traffic increased by 18.6 %, thus comprising 203321.2 thousand passengers-kilometers (effective as of January-June 2020).
  • The automobile transport of large and medium-sized organizations carried 196.3 thousand tons of cargoes (16.5% higher than in January-June 2019) and performed 8828.6 thousand tons-kilometers of cargo traffic (that is 1,6 times higher).
  • The intra-urban passenger traffic goes across 100 automobile, 17 trolleybus and 5 maritime (4 motorboat and 1 ferry) routes.
  • The following services operate on the territory of the city of Sevastopol:
    • 121 stations for control for photo-video fixation of administrative traffic rules’ violations;
    • paid parking lots on the territory of Balaklava (78 car places) and within the central ring, Leninsky district (967 car places).
  • Postal services. Written correspondence, parcels and transfers sent and forwarded – 1655.7 thousand pieces (that is 2.9% higher than in the comparable period of 2019); written correspondence, parcels, money transfers, periodicals received and handed in – 2813.4 thousand pieces (less by14,4%); 316.7 thousand pay-offs of public pensions and financial aid (more than 0.5%).
  • Telecommunications. 92 telephone exchanges (stations and substations) of which 8 – in the rural area – operate in the city of Sevastopol. The length of the cable-conduit line makes 887.4 km. The functioning of fixed-line communications and provision of public telecommunications services is ensured through operation of more than 7.6 thousand km of cable communication lines.
  • 1479 new connections of technical means and additional services were completed (3.0 times less than in the same period in 2019), of which: 482 - connection to the Internet; 284 - to replace wiring, sockets, numbers, rates; 208 - for IPTV service; 167 - phone installation.
  • Mobile radio communications. 26045 subscribers (growth by 13.2% as compared to 01.07.2019) are provided with services of the city mobile operator under the trademark "SevMobile". In addition, 6666 subscriber devices (growth by 1,7%) are registered in the network on a constant basis. 181 base stations (less by 0.6%) and SMS-center operate.


  • 2027.1 mln rubles of investments into fixed assets in actually valid prices on the full range of economic entities were mobilized in January-March 2020, which by 36.0% less than in the comparable period in 2019.
  • Investments in fixed assets (excluding small businesses and the volume of investments not observed by direct statistical methods) amounted to 1,571.4 million rubles. (98.2% of total investment in non-financial assets), which is 31.5% less than in the same period of 2019.
  • The basic financing source for investments were borrowed funds – 77.0%, own funds of economic entities made 23.0%.
  • Investments were directed to buildings (except for residential) and structures, land improvement costs (49.7% of the total investment); machinery and equipment, including household inventory and other objects, vehicles (45.2%); others (3.6%); intellectual property items (0.3%).

Implementation of the Federal Target Program (FTP)

  • In 2020 the Federal Target Program "Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol until the year 2022" across the territory of the city of Sevastopol is being implemented on 10 directions of socio-economic development of the region: energy sector, public utility, transportation sector, healthcare system, education, culture, sports, industrial sector, tourism, security, veterinary medicine and others.
  • The amount of financing for 2020 will amount to 12.6 billion rubles, including: from the federal budget 11.9 billion rubles. In view of the subsidy funds not spent in 2019 and restored in 2020, the amount of financing in 2020 will amount to 14.3 billion rubles., Including the expense of the federal budget 13.5 billion rubles.
  • Commissioned 2 capital construction objects - gasification of the village Andreevka, school of Antique prospect.
  • By the end of the year, it is planned to commission 20 capital construction facilities.

Free economic zone (FEZ)

  • As of 01.07.2020, 414 contracts on the terms & conditions of activities in FEZ were concluded. Of which 365 are small and medium-sized business entities and 27 are not small and medium-sized business entities.
  • Over the entire period of operation of FEZ, as of 01.04.2020 the actual volume of capital investments of FEZ participants made 8173 mln rubles, thus exceeding the planned volume by 1.7 times. 11167 workplaces were created.

Consumer market and prices

  • Retail trade turnover of Sevastopol in January-June 2020 amounted to 28828.2 mln rubles and decreased compared to last year by 10.7%.
  • Provided paid services for 17,559.7 million rubles, which in comparable prices by 12.3% less than in the corresponding period in 2019. Paid services accounted for the largest share: household services - 32.4%, utilities – 17.8%, housing – 11.0%, other types – 6.3%; transport - 6.2%; educational systems - 6.0%; telecommunications – 6.8%; crops - 4.4%, medical - 4.2%, others – 9.1%.
  • Catering enterprises sold products for 2,032.2 million rubles, which is 20.1% less in comparable prices than in the same period in 2019.
  • 11 fairs were held at 21 fairgrounds with the provision of 1144 fairgrounds, of which 6 fairs for the sale of agricultural products were held at 12 sites with 1074 places.
  • The consumer price index (CPI) for goods and services in June 2020 against December 2019 amounted to 103.0%, including: for food products - 103.3%, non-food products - 102.8%, services - 102.9%. Compared to the comparable month of 2019, the CPI increased by 0.9 p.p.
  • The cost of a fixed basket of consumer goods and services for inter-regional comparisons of purchasing power of the population in the middle of the city of Sevastopol at the end of June 2020 amounted to 16,666.92 rubles per person and compared to the previous month increased by 0.4%, since the beginning of the year - by 3.9% (in June 2019 - 16011.73 rubles per person and decreased by 0.9% over the month, and increased by 3.9% from the beginning of the year).

Foreign economic activities

  • According to the data of customs statistics, with due account of the data of mutual trade in January-June 2020, the foreign economic turnover of the city of Sevastopol made 4259.1 thousand US dollars.
  • The export share in foreign trade turnover made 47.2% or 2008.6 thousand US dollars, that of import – 52.8% or 2250.5 thousand US dollars.
  • The export product portfolio was comprised of: cotton, felt or fiber felt and nonwoven fabric; special yarn, twine, ropes, cords and сables and the related materials – 22.5%; alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and vinegar – 22,5%; boilers, equipment and mechanical devices, their parts – 8.3%; electric machines and equipment, their parts – 12.0%, ferrous metals and the related materials – 11.5% and others.
  • The following prevailed in the import product portfolio: other living plants (including their roots), cuttings and cuttings; mushroom mycelium - 35.9%;
  • boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts - 30.8%; jewelry and parts thereof made of precious metals or metals clad with precious metals - 6.3%; paper and cardboard; articles made of paper pulp, paper or cardboard - 4.1%; mineral fuel, oil and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes - 2.9%; others.


  • As of 01.07.2020, according to the Unified State Register of Taxpayers, there were 10.6 thousand legal entities and 17.4 thousand individual entrepreneurs registered with the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the city of Sevastopol.
  • NCO "Microcredit company fund of micro-financing of small and medium-sized business entities in the city of Sevastopol" advanced 65 micro-loans for a total amount of 178.87 mln rubles.
  • NCO "Guarantee fund for support of small and medium-sized business entities in the city of Sevastopol" executed 52 sureties for a total amount of 143.81 mln rubles.
  • As of 01.07.2020, 1336 incidents of receipt of public support (114 – financial aid, 1222 – informational & consultancy aid) were registered with the register of small and medium-sized business entities of the city of Sevastopol.

Banking system

  • As of 01.07.2020 the infrastructure of economy’s banking sector is represented by 75 banking subdivisions, including 1 headquarters.
  • Attracted funds of organizations, bank deposits (deposits) and other funds attracted from legal entities and individuals in rubles as of 01.07.2020 amounted to 43,595 million rubles, including deposits (deposits) and other attracted funds from individuals - 32,646 million rubles. (an increase of 15.6%).
  • In January-March 2020 the region's borrowers received loans in the amount of 7.878 billion rubles. (1.5 times more than in the same period of 2019), including:
    • to legal entities-residents and individual entrepreneurs - by 3,749 million rubles. (more by 24.2%);
    • to individuals-residents - by 4,129 million rubles. (growth compared to the same period in 2019 - 1.9 times).

Employment and wages, incomes, demographics

  • The number of labor force aged 15 years and over on average in April-June 2020 amounted to 208.9 thousand people (15.0 thousand people less than in the corresponding period of 2019). The number of employed citizens is 198.2 thousand people (17.3 thousand people less). The number of unemployed citizens is 10.7 thousand people (2.3 thousand more). The level of participation in the labor force - 56.4%, the employment rate - 53.5%, the unemployment rate - 5.1%.
  • The level of registered unemployment - 1.81% of the labor force (as of 01.07.2019 - 0.26%).
  • The value of the subsistence minimum for the first quarter of 2020 per capita was 10,724 rubles, including: for the able-bodied population - 11,469 rubles; pensioners - 8 798 rubles; children - 11 458 rubles.
  • In January-May 2020, according to preliminary data, the average monthly salary for the full range of organizations by net economic activity was 34141 rubles. (7.2% more than in the same period in 2019).
  • As of 01.07.2020, according to data received from organizations, except for small businesses, in the range of observed types of activities, wage arrears amounted to 32.0 thousand rubles for 1 enterprise.
  • The resident population of the city of Sevastopol as of 01.01.2020 amounted to 449,138 people. In January-May 2020, the migration increase in the population was 1,969 people, with a natural decrease of 819 people.