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Creation of the living history park “Fedyuhiny vysoty”

Project status:


The purpose of the project - the creation of an ever-changing scale tourist facility that forms a separate tourist flow with a high degree of involvement of regular guests and a high percentage of recurrence of tourists.

An area of about 128 hectares near the village of Pervomayskoye Balaklava district of Sevastopol creates a theme park dedicated to the history of Sevastopol and the Crimea from antiquity to the present day in a modern format of "living history". Park will be a center of attraction for historical tourism, recreational, cultural, educational space, as well as the largest urban area for event-tourist activities.

Project Description:

  • the estimated number of jobs created - more than 70 units;
  • 7 historical sites: "Antiquity", "Byzantium and Ancient Rus", "Middle Ages", "the first defense of Sevastopol," "The beginning of XX century", "The Great Patriotic War", "The Cold War";
  • full historical immersion programs, excursions, lectures, lessons of Sevastopolovedeniya;
  • Cultural Center;
  • guest non-capital eco-houses;
  • information center, craft market, restaurant history cuisine;
  • tourist routes, historical taxi;
  • parking, modular sanitary units.
Project Initiator: LLC "Sevastopol military history club."

Project curator: Litovko Maria Alexandrovna, Deputy Governor - Chairman of the Government of Sevastopol.

Project coordinator: Gaivoronskaya Tamara, head of the priority project of the Department of Economic Development of Sevastopol.