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Wholesale-distribution center (WDC) in the city of Sevastopol

Project status:


WDC - agrologistichesky multifunctional complex for receiving, storing, processing, and implementation of appropriate high quality standards and safety of agricultural products.

  • provide domestic farmers with direct access to customers
  • provide comfortable and safe conditions for workers and visitors
  • create tenants all the necessary conditions for doing business and development on the unique professional trading platform

Project implementation period - 3 years
The planned number of jobs created is 300 units.
Estimated area - up to 10 hectares.

WDC infrastructure:
  • trade-storage terminal
  • administrative complex
  • alleys for the calculation of goods and island trade
  • HoReCa zones
  • cross dock
  • goods display area

  • climate control with round-the-clock mode
  • loading and unloading services
  • rental of warehouse equipment and technology
  • banking service
  • rental of pallet seats
  • daily rent of places

Profile residents:
  • domestic agricultural producers and processors
  • farms and cooperatives
  • large distributors, importers and exporters
  • small wholesale company

Project initiator: Department of Agriculture and the Consumer Market of the city of Sevastopol.