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07.06.2021 Sevastopol took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 04.06.2021 “Intelligence of Machines and Mechanisms”, an International Industrial Forum, was held in Sevastopol 29.04.2021 Sevastopol Took Part in Goszakaz (Government Order), the XVI All-Russian Exhibition Forum 16.12.2020 A loan agreement executed between the Industry Development Fund (IDF) of the city of Sevastopol and LLC “Crimventilation” 15.12.2020 Days of Cooperation 09.10.2020 VIII International Marine Business Forum SIMBF 2020 17.09.2020 Online registration for the participants of the events of Marine Week in Russia opened in the city of Sevastopol 03.09.2020 Industry Development Fund 04.08.2020 Support for Domestic Tourism in Russia 21.05.2020 In Sevastopol, started the regional stage of the All-Russian competition for young entrepreneurs 14.05.2020 The Russian government has expanded the federal list of affected industries 03.05.2020 For enterprises that produce personal protective equipment and disinfectants, support measures have been approved 27.04.2020 Additional deferral of insurance premiums for SMEs approved 26.04.2020 Interview with Litovko Maria Alexandrovna for Vesti-Sevastopol on support measures for SMEs 23.04.2020 The Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted two bills on measures to support SMEs 12.04.2020 The government of Sevastopol has reduced interest rates for small and medium-sized businesses 09.04.2020 "My Business" organized a webinar on support measures regarding the provision of tax benefits 06.04.2020 Signed a law providing for a delay of up to six months for the payment of loans 05.04.2020 Delay on lease payments for entrepreneurs extended 02.04.2020 Signed a law on the distribution of the tax regime for self-employed 31.03.2020 The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted packages of laws aimed at supporting Russians and the economy 28.03.2020 The Central Bank has limited the maximum fee for cashless payments 26.03.2020 A working group has been created on problematic issues of small and medium-sized enterprises 14.03.2020 Completed an internship for participants in the program «Master of Public Administration for Leaders»