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Held internship participants in the program "Master of Public Administration for Executives"

Today, the My Business Center opened an internship for participants in the Master of Public Administration for Leaders program. All of them are winners and finalists of the All-Russian competition "Leaders of Russia".

In other regions, such work has brought a new perspective to address the challenges they face. In Sevastopol, internship participants will need to offer options for the integrated development of trade in Sevastopol to reduce consumer prices, It will be interesting to receive new suggestions on how to expedite this work.

The question that the team will decide in Sevastopol, the comprehensive development of trade and lower prices. He will be involved in 8 finalists of the competition "Leaders of Russia" from different parts of the country: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Orenburg, Samara and Moscow. During the week, participants will be meeting with representatives of Sevastopol authorities and business, visiting local markets and non-stationary objects of trade, the analysis of statistical data and development programs.

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