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Industry Development Fund

A non-commercial organization – Fund “Public Industry Development Fund of the city of Sevastopol” was established in the city of Sevastopol.

Its aim is to develop an industrial sector of the city of Sevastopol by granting loans to production enterprises in the city.

The Industry Development Fund in conjunction with the Federal Industry Development Fund accepts requests for funding the projects for acquisition of the industrial equipment and production upgrading.

The loan amount equals 20-200 mln rubles, at interest rate of 1-5% per annum with a maturity period up to 5 years. Co-funding on the part of an applicant, private investors or banks for not less than 50%, including own funds not less than 25%.  

For detailed information please apply at:

+7 (978) 664-77-84 or address: 42-B, corp.6, Avenue of Oktyabrsky revolution, Sevastopol