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Online registration for the participants of the events of Marine Week in Russia opened in the city of Sevastopol

VIII International Maritime Business Forum SIMBF 2020 ("Forum" hereunder)  and II Sevastopol Marine Show of SMFS 2020 (Sevastopol Maritime Defense Show) ("Show" hereunder) will be held on October 6-7, 2020 in the city of Sevastopol within the framework of the Marine Week in Russia under the auspices of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation.      

The Forum has been running in Sevastopol on an annual basis since 2013 and is considered to be a special platform for discussing an integrated development of maritime business in Russia with the participation of representatives of the federal executive authorities, educational and scientific organizations and business communities of all regions across Russia.

The agenda of the Forum stipulates hosting business events, profile sessions and "round tables" which include the discussion of matters of civil and military ship repairs, ship-building, manufacture of ship components, marine and river water transport, ports and logistics, yachting, cruise and water tourism, fisheries and aqua culture.      

Within the framework of the Show it is planned to demonstrate the latest combat vessels and auxiliary ships of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation. The static exposition of the terrestrial technique is expected to be accommodated at the host place of the Forum.  

The online registration for participants of the events of Marine Week in Russia in the city of Sevastopol is via the below link:

For detailed information please consult here.