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The Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted two bills on measures to support SMEs

Two bills on measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises were adopted today by the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol.

These bills were developed by the Government of Sevastopol as a result of the active work of the Headquarters in coordinating the development and implementation of operational measures to maintain economic stability, headed by the Acting Governor of Sevastopol M.V. Razvozhayev.

The first law expanded the list of industries for which privileges are provided for special taxation regimes:
- simplified system from 4% to 1% (income),

- from 10% to 5% (income - costs),

- UTII from 15% to 7.5%, application in calculating the tax on the patent system with a coefficient of 0.5 for SMEs operating in the most affected sectors of the economy, provides for the abolition of transport tax for companies engaged in passenger transportation.

The second law - the abolition of the property tax and land tax for the 2nd quarter of landlords of commercial real estate.

In combination with the approved by the Government of Sevastopol liberation of entrepreneurs engaged in the delivery of commercial real estate in the second quarter of the rent for state-owned land, this measure should help to reduce the rental for the three months of working tenants and its temporary abolition - to suspend its activities.

Also, Sevastopol Government continues to work on expanding the list of affected industries.

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